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Guide to making great buckets

1. How do I format my bucket beautifully?

Buckets use Markdown formatting, a simple type of formatting that works through html. It might sound a little scary, but it's very easy to use!

2. What information should I include in my bucket?

When creating a bucket, you are free to add anything you like in the description! To make your bucket as clear and convincing as possible, here are some suggestions on what you could include:
  • Context: why this idea?
  • Deliverables: what will be the concrete outcome of the project?
  • Breakdown of costs: show what people's funds will go to in more detail
  • Who is going to do the work? (If not just you)
  • Timeline: what deadlines and milestones are there for the project?
  • Link to more details: using markdown formatting, you can add external links. Add a link to a document or external website describing your idea in more detail, to be able to keep your bucket concise, yet give more details to those who want them.

3. Examples of great buckets